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Top 10 Signs You May be Slightly Obsessed with Your Small Business

  • You’re considering buying a desktop so it’s harder to bring your work home with you.
  • You have an attorney and an accountant, and hey’re both on your speed dial
  • Fonts excite you.
  • You can’t leave work for lunch for fear you might miss the FedEx guy might drop by with something super-important, like bubble wrap.
  • You haven’t had a vacation in years. Not one that you couldn’t write off, anyway.
  • Your studio looks like a page from The Container Store catalog, but your house looks like it has been ransacked by gypsies
  • Fuck TPS Reports- you’re all about the SEO!
  • You’re on a date wishing they were as good-looking as your new favicon
  • You know what a favicon is
  • Who needs porn? You have the ULine catalog!  CityBeat
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