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My new fave brush cleaner! A video review of Clean Brush shampoo!

I love the lemon scent, but it's also available in Lavender and Unscented

I love the lemon scent, but it’s also available in Lavender and Unscented

Hey Kids! I am constantly being asked by clients how they should clean their makeup brushes. I recently purchased this little gem, created by my friend and fellow makeup artist Jessicca Ochs. I’ll be honest- at first I bought it to humor her. I typically have not had great experiences with solid brush soaps. But boy did this little hunk of magic surprise me and EXCEED any expectations that I had.

I recently went to Chicago for The Makeup Show, and had to take it to my friend and all-around-bad-ass Sonia Roselli to try. Here is the video of us using it! I’m the one with the tattoos hanging out and the busted hair. Watch and see how amazing it is, and how many frigging brushes we washed with one container!  (Caution- we were very tired and slap happy, so there might be some cussing and overall goofiness).


To buy this amazing product (And I highly suggest you do), go to http://www.cleanbrushes.com. I happen to prefer the olive oil version, but I think that’s just the Italian in me. I haven’t heard one negative review on this stuff! It’s a must for professional makeup artists and anyone that owns makeup brushes!

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