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My new fave brush cleaner! A video review of Clean Brush shampoo!

I love the lemon scent, but it's also available in Lavender and Unscented

I love the lemon scent, but it’s also available in Lavender and Unscented

Hey Kids! I am constantly being asked by clients how they should clean their makeup brushes. I recently purchased this little gem, created by my friend and fellow makeup artist Jessicca Ochs. I’ll be honest- at first I bought it to humor her. I typically have not had great experiences with solid brush soaps. But boy did this little hunk of magic surprise me and EXCEED any expectations that I had.

I recently went to Chicago for The Makeup Show, and had to take it to my friend and all-around-bad-ass Sonia Roselli to try. Here is the video of us using it! I’m the one with the tattoos hanging out and the busted hair. Watch and see how amazing it is, and how many frigging brushes we washed with one container!  (Caution- we were very tired and slap happy, so there might be some cussing and overall goofiness).

To buy this amazing product (And I highly suggest you do), go to I happen to prefer the olive oil version, but I think that’s just the Italian in me. I haven’t heard one negative review on this stuff! It’s a must for professional makeup artists and anyone that owns makeup brushes!

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Totally Spongeworthy

For years now, professional makeup artists have known the wonders of the little pink egg, aka, the Beauty Blender. Now that they are readily available at Sephora retailers everywhere, I figured it was time to tell you what all the fuss is about.

The brain child of celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, the Beauty Blender is a reusable non-latex makeup sponge that makes giving yourself the flawless finish that a professional makeup artist would give you right at home. Unlike a brush, this little miracle won’t leave streaks in your foundation, and soaks up way less product when used properly. And when compared to using your fingers, the finish is much more even, and it’s shape makes it easy to navigate into those tricky areas like your nose and tear ducts without losing an eye. Also, with proper care, they can last for months if not years.

Using it is easy…just wet the sponge, squeezing out any excess water until your little egg is slightly damp. Then place your liquid foundation on the back of your hand, dip the sponge in, and begin gently patting (or stippling, as we pros call it) the sponge all  over your face, making sure to blend evenly. I also like to employ a technique where I literally rock the sponge back and forth all over my face for slightly more coverage. Just play with it and decide which technique you prefer. I know wetting the sponge seems odd, but just trust me- you get an even smoother finish with it when damp. When you are finished, simply wash the sponge with soap and water to prevent bacteria from growing it that bad boy, or you might end up giving yourself some really unsexy zits.

When used in conjunction with a really awesome primer, I have had clients swear I gave them botox while they weren’t looking- their skin looks that smooth. I like to use mine with the Whip Hand “Set The Stage” primer ($39, for skin that looks like it has been photoshopped, but in real life. You can buy a Beauty Blender solo for $19.95 (, or grab one of their starter kits that include the sponge,  soap, and drying port, both which will extend the life of your precious egg. The original Beauty Blenders were pink, and came with a liquid soap, but I am partial to the new black version with the solid soap, reminiscent of a men’s Olde Tyme shaving bar.

Like most awesome things, there have been a ton of replicas out there, but in my opinion, none of them can touch the original.

In Conclusion: If you’re not applying your foundation with a Beauty Blender, you’re just doing it wrong. Get with the program, or we are so breaking up.

Bath time for my babies!

Bath time for my babies!

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